Making of an animated video, a glimpse behind the scenes.

When you watch an animated video, you see beautiful images in motion.
Characters walking, cars driving by, a cloud slowly passing by.

But did you know that for just a few seconds of animated video we are working with an enormous amount of layers and objects in our production software?

Just take a look at the following scene from one of our new animations for Exact Online. You know, the most recommended accounting package by accountants & bookkeepers … and of course sponsor of Max Verstappen.
In this scene we see the heat from the coffee cup whirl up and we zoom in over the shoulder on the monitor, after which we animate the logging in part. Not much happening right?

And yet there are about 40 objects / designs / layers (each with its own specific characteristics) needed to make a few seconds of animation. In the picture you can see these layers, they are highlighted in light-grey.


Now sometimes it is just a matter of copy-paste to show repetitive movements. But in more complex scenes with a lot of movement and different objects there are sometimes over a 100 layers that each have to be set specifically for size, movement, color, shadow and many more features.
Fortunately, our software is becoming smarter and there are new programs and tools that make our work a bit easier. And with or without … we have a great job 🙂

Next time, I’ll show you how we create a Whiteboard animation without the use of a camera.